Trails is a domain driven development framework in the spirit of Ruby on Rails and Naked Objects.

The trails project aims to make Java enterprise application development radically simpler by allowing developers to focus on the domain model and having other portions dynamically generated. We are building on existing technologies such as Tapestry and Hibernate rather than reinventing the wheel.

Trails is dead, long live Tynamo!


Trails is not dead per se, rather Trails 1.x is in maintenance mode and Trails 2 (Tapestry 5 based version) has been renamed to Tynamo.

So please, come visit us at

Latest news

Introducing Tynamo!

We are pleased to officially introduce Tynamo project and announce our first releases and immediate availability of tapestry-model, tapestry-hibernate-seedentity, tapestry-conversations and tynamo-archetype modules. Tynamo is a continuation of Trails framework and is based on Tapestry 5.

Tynamo features:

  • tapestry-model provides a model-driven development and a CRUD-framework for Tapestry 5
  • tapestry-hibernate-seedentity allows you to seed your database in an object-oriented manner
  • tapestry-conversations provide a conversational scope

Get your hands dirty now and try out Tynamo's archetype, following our Quick start. Tynamo project home is at Welcome!

Feel free to link to us, we are just getting started and we have many other modules, such as security and REST, waiting under our wings so stay tuned for more releases! Meet us via IRC at #tynamo on or subscribe to at to stay up-to-date.


Tynamo team

Hope the headline generates some buzz but I have to first correct myself: Trails is not dead per se, rather Trails 1.x is in maintenance mode and Trails 2 (Tapestry 5 based version) has been renamed to Tynamo. Here's the full scoop (an edited version of what I had posted about it on trails-user list earlier):

Behind the scenes (actually on the dev list) we've been mulling over our strategy regarding Tapestry5. We lost the

domain over a year ago (we, the current committers, never owned it so it was complicated anyway) and ever since we've been in a stalemate

about what to do with it. We finally decided a few months ago that the easiest option is to just rename the project and launch Trails 2

under a new name - Tynamo (still hosted at Codehaus). This is unannounced but the move is well under way and at this point we've

moved the codebase to a new repository and renamed the relevant modules and packages. Overall, I think there's a pretty good chance

that we'll have the initial Tynamo release out before the end of the year. We'll formally announce what I just said later.

So please, come visit us at We are busily working on the new site and getting ready for our first releases. Snapshots are already available at Obviously much of the code is the same as what we had in Trails except for the rename so it's not like we are starting from scratch. The source repository is already migrated, the new domain is up and our continuous builds are succesfully running so we are already back in business with Tynamo. By the time we are announcing Tynamo project to larger audience later this year (hopefully!), we should have multiple modules lined up for the release as well as decent documentation and examples to go with them.

As mentioned, Tapestry 4.x based Trails 1.x is now in maintenance mode but if there are any serious issues or questions regarding it, we are more than happy to support you. Many thanks to Codehaus and Ben especially for patiently working through our support request during the transition.

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